Home is Where the Heart Is…

I’m really missin’ Chi-city right now. The title and tagline give that away but for this first “test” post, I gotta get that off my chest. I miss wakin’ up at 5:30, gettin’ in my car, drivin’ to “the shop”, gettin’ in that sh*tty van, then drivin back down to the city to work all day. Drivin’ ’round the beautiful grid street system, stoppin’ at Taylor Made Pizza on Taylor Street for a slice and a pop for 3.50, then gettin’ on Lake Shore Drive to get to the next job.

Despite being a 20 minute train ride from downtown, until I went to high school, Chicago was this big mythical place that me and mom only went to White Sox games and at Christmas time to look at the Marshall Field’s windows (no NOT Macy’s). Once I started high school at good ol’ St. Ignatius on the corner of Roosevelt & Racine, is when I was introduced to this fine lady. I was proud that the majority of my days were spent commuting to and being in the city. I learned the public transportation system and the neighborhoods really well. It wasn’t until this last summer though that Chicago became a place I could not be far away from for very long. Working construction in the downtown area and on the south side really helped me learn the streets, my favorite lunch spots and just soak in views of Lake Michigan.

So that’s pretty much it. I’m missin’ my Italian Beef sandwiches, my interaction with my fellow blue collars and the feeling of being somewhere that always is callin’ me home (see: Tagline).