Iowa Writing

Iowa. Smack dab in the middle of the United States. “Fields of Opportunity” reads the sign that greets you as you cross the Mississippi. Opportunity must be Iowa speak for corn. That’s all that surrounds you as you drive along I-80 west until Exit 245, Iowa City. In this desolate, agricultural state we find one of the six literary capitals in the entire world. A mecca of writers of all sorts all meeting up on the University of Iowa’s campus. In this still seemingly boring environment, creativity flourishes. These are my pieces from the University of Iowa, the place I called home for the first two years of secondary education. It was here I was able to step outside the boundaries of what I thought I should write and experiment with new ideas. These pieces pushed me into a new level of writing. From Iowa I learned that if I put in effort I can write. I learned that if I visit the recesses of my soul that I don’t really want to, I have infinite content. Without these lessons, the writing I would go on to do at Michigan would be useless. These are some of the foundational pieces I wrote at Iowa. 


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