Michigan Writing

Michigan writing. Michigan. Pure Michigan is what greets me as I enter this state. I sometimes think that the first things I wrote autonomously, without direction were pure. And that each outside actor on my mind and my writing tainted it. I now think that each place, both physical and spiritual, has contributed something to my writing. That I’m on my way to tapping the resource of gushing purity that lies within me. The University of Michigan is another one of those factors that are helping me get there. I can’t say right now the impact my time here will have on my writing, but I can say I have learned some new things. I have learned to revise until the cows come home. I have learned that only I can know when something is done. I have learned to be more direct. I have learned to not hide behind my words. I have learned so much and I hope some of that can be seen in some of my pieces I include here. I think that’s what the state is about. Acknowledging that purity is born out of scraping away the fake. By holding yourself to your own standard of excellence. By being blunt. And looking at expression as a manner of addition through subtraction. Pure is often associated with being found in nature. But sometimes we have to strip away the artificialities to get to something that would be found in nature. These pieces are my attempts to produce my most natural forms of writing.


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