Remediated Piece

This portion includes the process I used to remediate my repurposed piece into a new form of presentation/media. There should be arching themes from the Why I Write piece visible in this final piece as well. I have always loved music. Music has been a release for me and I’ve always dreamed of taking my mental flexibility and fluidity in the English language and somehow applying it to creating music. I’ve been secretly hoping I could just give it all away and focus my efforts on creating music. For myself, for others so they know they’re not alone. Something that is great about media and art and music is that is a medium that opens the possibilities for interpretation of one’s work. I think in this piece I was writing poetry. Poetry that I would hope I could set to music someday. With these poems, I tried to tell 3 different stories, in 3 sets of 16 lines. So essentially it is 3 different songs written in the style of hip-hop, or poetry in motion.




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